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Wear it with PRIDE.

Imagine extending that unbeatable school spirit beyond the field. Mr Sport specializes in crafting super-fan wear for students, parents, and alumni alike.

Custom-designed apparel fosters a sense of belonging and pride among supporters, whether they are current students, alumni, or parents. It helps in building a stronger community around the institution.


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Create Memories.

Relive the most cherished memories from team tours, whether it's the school's 1st Team Tour, Craven Week, or the school's 125th-anniversary celebration.

Your apparel serves as memorabilia for significant events, games, or milestones, creating lasting memories for supporters. It becomes more than just clothing; it holds sentimental value.

Fundraising Opportunity.

Our custom-designed apparel can be used as a fundraising tool for schools, clubs, and universities.

Supporters are often willing to purchase merchandise to support their institution, which in turn generates revenue to support various initiatives, such as sports tours, equipment, academic programs, or extracurricular activities.


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Passion Beyond the Field

There is nothing greater than a team's passion and spirit during game time. Let's celebrate that passion off the field as well.

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Supporter Sweaters

Cozy yet elegant sweaters designed to provide warmth on those cool days.


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Team Shirts

Elevate your game day attire with exclusive team travel shirts, warm-up tops or supporter tees, designed to be worn with pride.


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Supporter Hoodies

Rock the ultimate school supporters hoodie to show your unwavering support!


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